Financial News

Greece receives from the euro area countries further two billion euros of aid disbursed. This was decided by the Governing Board of the rescue fund ESM, in which the member states of the monetary union are represented, on the sidelines of the meeting of the Euro Group in Brussels.
The disbursement of the loan tranche had been postponed several times since October, because the government in Athens had the assessment of the creditors is not met for all necessary reform commitments.
The payout decision shows that the Greek government wants to deliver on its promises, ESM-director Klaus Regling said. If Athens will stay on this path, it will help Greece to a "healthy recovery". The two billion euros are destined, ESM especially for debt repayments and by the EU through the Structural Funds co-financed projects.
From 86 billion only 15 billion have been released
Given the threat of bankruptcy, the euro countries and the left led Greek government had agreed in mid-August on a new rescue package with a volume of up to 86 billion euros over the next three years. It provides a number of requirements and reforms to be met by Athens. With two billion euros a total of 15 billion euros of the total are now released. By the end of one billion in direct aid for Athens was again so far provided.